Be VIVA True!

Social media may have a big impact on relationships, and your VIVA business, but it is the living, breathing YOU that makes the greatest contribution to your success. Whether you realize it or not, people are watching your life and it speaks louder than any tweet or text you could ever send. If you have been doing your VIVA business all year long by talking, tweeting, face-timing, emailing or using any other social media pathway on your phone or computer, that’s awesome work and can prove to be very productive. But now it’s time to take the best business move of all…make the human connection. Show that your VIVA health and confidence is a reality and not just something you talk about. Go ahead and celebrate this season with family and friends, with your upline and downline, but do something else extra special…reach out and invite someone new you have been in touch with about VIVA to enjoy some holiday coffee or tea time with you and let them get to know you better. It is quite possible you will build a lasting friendship and could be so much fun that you will want to do it again and again! Also, when it comes to giving gifts, be sure to give VIVA products. Experiencing the benefits of VIVA’s safe and effective nutraceuticals, supplements and skin care will quickly reveal that you really are VIVA true.