Say Good-Bye to 2017 and Hello to the New VIVA Year!

2017 is almost at an end and we are indeed proud and delighted for the many good things that have happened for VIVA this year. You, our passionate entrepreneurs, have spread the news about the valuable wellness and financial benefits that are impacting people’s lives for the better. You have been hard at work developing and expanding your influence. You have been drawing more and more customers and new business builders to the bright future of network marketing that is illuminated every day by VIVA’s products, business plan and promotions all throughout the year. If you have achieved your goals for this year, we congratulate you and applaud your commitment to excellence! However, if you have not quite achieved what you set out to accomplish at the beginning of this year…don’t let anything slow you down right now! There is still time to put the finishing touches on 2017 by taking advantage of the promotions early this month so you can happily say Good Bye to this year and look forward to an amazing year ahead!

Our VIVA family is a vast array of people from many cultures and of all ages. As the holidays are celebrated around the world in so many different places and ways, all of us at VIVA headquarters in the USA want to wish all of you, our VIVA members, customers and staff in every VIVA country, a very wonderful and peaceful holiday season and abundantly prosperous 2018. We remain committed in every department, from manufacturing and customer service to administration and executive personnel…to help make that wish come true for you. Happy New Year!