VIVA Healthy Life Fourth Quarter 2019

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VIVA Life Science– The Life and Health You Need!

So much has changed in the world of network marketing in just the last few years. Fluctuations in how companies are operating, over-the-top promises unrealized, and the ever moving focus from one thing to the next, perpetuates the disenchantment of people considering this entrepreneurial pursuit. What ever happened to the honest, people-centered, science-driven, product producing, healthy life promoting, and long-term stability focus? We are letting you know that it is all alive and well at VIVA Life Science! This is where it began over 30 years ago and where it will remain. When the shifts and changes in network marketing make people run away, VIVA’s proven, established, solid foundation for products and business will be the attractive company people run to.

VIVA makes products that are based on sound, scientific research with high quality standards and cGMP compliance…major keys to ensuring satisfied customers who personally experience the benefits. Happy consumers who have been well treated and respected with patience and helpful guidance, who find joy and value in the products they use, will naturally desire to have the best of both opportunities VIVA offers. Taking that next step into engaging the entrepreneur level will be smooth and exciting for them because the basis of their relationship with you and VIVA is stable, trustworthy and real. It’s truly about developing valuable human relationships that boost each other to successes that make sense for each individual person. From there it just grows exponentially good in every way! VIVA is the right place and it’s the right time to join VIVA Life Science. And it’s also the right time for VIVA entrepreneurs to get growing with a renewed vision and focus on people with genuine care and effort, and giving that extra attention to your customers, so you all can have the joy of living in wellness and success all through the rest of 2019 and beyond!