VIVA Healthy Life Second Quarter 2020

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VIVA Message: In Times of Challenge Keep Calm and Be Smart

With the infusion of the novel coronavirus into the world within the first quarter of 2020, there is no denying that in this second quarter of the year you are going to see unbelievable challenges to your life and livelihood. VIVA Life Science encourages you to keep calm and be smart about how you handle it all. Do exactly as the CDC and Health Organizations suggest for protecting yourself and your loved ones and you will have a good chance to successfully navigate through it.

The smart thing to do, and always do, is provide your body with adequate hydration, nourishment and rest so that you do not wear yourself down. As a member of VIVA, you have learned over and over that supplementing your diet with VIVA products that specifically nourish your body systems is an additional way to provide nutrients you need that get rapidly used up in times of stress. At VIVA, we want you to understand that we do not make any claims for the prevention or cure for any diseases. What we do say is give yourself any nutritional advantage you can to support your body systems so they may be better equipped to do the jobs they should do to help you maintain your health.

Look ahead and beyond this event, be compassionate and thoughtful of others, and keep a good, positive, mental attitude that you can make it through these challenges and continue moving forward toward achieving a healthy, successful VIVA Life.