VIVA Healthy Life Third Quarter 2018

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Let VIVA Make Your Summer a Total Success!

The Third Quarter of July, August and September are three of your biggest networking opportunity months in the year, and people are the reason! This is the time for getting out and about into vacations, travel, beach days, mountain adventures, playing in the parks, shopping in new venues, and sharing great food near and far. It’s also time for preparing young people for college, whether it is visiting new schools for making that future choice, or setting up new graduates into their first fall term. All of those great summer activities involve, in one way or another, meeting new people who just might need some healthy living advice from an experienced VIVA nutraceutical consumer and entrepreneur…like You!

Success doesn’t take a vacation…it thrives in the middle of all that action! Isn’t it time you spread your wings and soared to new heights with your VIVA business this summer? You’ve got everything you need to make that best first impression…your own amazing VIVA story of products with high effectiveness and safety, and the ultimate attraction of experienced success with the VIVA Wellness Business Plan. Take your VIVA newsletters everywhere you go so you can easily share nutritional information and product values. Make it a priority this summer to invite new people into your VIVA world and help them find the abundant health and financial peace you have, and you know they are dreaming of!