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A Beautiful Time to Launch VIVA Shine™

There is a lot of buzz about beauty and skin care supplements in the world today and VIVA is about to make big headlines with its brand new beauty beverage, VIVA Shine.  VIVA’s own nutritional scientists have seriously taken their creativity to a whole new level and, as experts in formulating delicious, nutritional beverage powders, VIVAShine is going to delight your senses and amaze you with the results,This new beauty drink powder has been scientifically designed to deliver a delicious boost of skin-healthy nutrition for improved hydration, plumping and firming.  The unique combination of highly effective, easily-absorbed ingredients rapidly work from the inside at the cellular level to rejuvenate the skin’s strength and appearance on the outside. With its high bioavailability, delicious natural flavor, zero fat and low sugar, it is going to be your next best friend in your beauty trend!  Look inside this month’s newsletter for more VIVA Shine details and the U.S. launch date that you absolutely must not miss!