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Getting Ready for Back-To-School

August and September begins back-to-school time here in the U.S. and in many VIVA countries. We have new students entering the classroom from preschoolers all the way to college and beyond. Our children, young people, and even older ones who just love continuing their education, embark on their next level of learning as autumn and the last quarter of the year comes our way. We know that the brain and the whole body come into interaction with the learning process and VIVA scientists knew just what to do to create the essential VIVA nutraceuticals that can promote and maintain cognitive and physical health. We also know that it has been proven that our diets and foods are not the nutritious powerhouses they should be and many fail to get sufficient nutrition from what they eat. Therefore, it is most important to ensure that everyone, even those who are beyond the school years and engage in the businesses of life, consumes adequate essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, brain-boosting and immune system supporting nutrition.VIVA supplements, like VIVA Y.E.S. Pak™, VIVA Kids Plus™ or EZ Kids™, VIVA Smartee™, VIVA Omega-3™ and VIVA Green Barley®, are your best assurance to achieve optimum levels of these necessary nutrients, along with cellular protection and energy to go the distance. So, never be without them and never let an opportunity get by you to tell others how VIVA brings you confidence and satisfaction, for bright minds and happy bodies.