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Guarding the Health of Dads and Grads

June is going to be exceptionally busy with so many wonderful events going on, from Father’s Day and Graduation Day to the start of happy vacation days of summer time. The key challenge for all this celebration activity and travelling about is to come up with the perfect gifts to give and find the best way to keep healthy with all that exposure to new atmospheres, foods and people! The solution for those challenges is available right now with VIVA’s fantastic promotions that will help you be the shining star in someone’s special celebration: Prostrem™ and AgeGuard® will definitely make Dad glad; and DailyGuard® and ChloroGuard™ will ensure your graduate, and you and your family, get the excellent nutrition and immune system support you will need in the hectic season ahead. Letting others know you care about their health is another special way to say, “I Love You”. Taking advantage of the great savings you will find inside this month’s update is another way to strengthen the health of your VIVA business. “Happy Father’s Day to all our VIVA Dads and Best Wishes to our VIVA Graduates”!