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Happy Father’s Day and Congratulations Graduates!

June is more than just the first month of summer, it’s a joyful time of celebrating Dads and it is a new beginning for the many graduates finishing school for the summer break. From first-time fathers to great-great grandfathers we wish all our VIVA Dads a very Happy Father’s Day and thank you for all you do for our VIVA families. From preschoolers to collegiate scholars and beyond we extend our warmest congratulations and look to you for the future of VIVA as you grow in health and strength and take VIVA with you to multiply your success possibilities. Be sure to take advantage of the VIVA products for men and anti-aging formulas to boost long term health strategies, and strengthen minds and bodies with brain and body-boosting products for a summer of healthy fun and preparation for continuing education or work endeavors in the months ahead. It’s a great season to be a VIVA member!