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Have a Wonderful, Healthy Winter with VIVA!

Winter is upon us and it’s a top priority to put your wellness and success strategy to work during this season of holiday excitement and health challenges.  Here are three things you can be doing right now:

  1. Get your body prepped and ready to fight stress, free-radical battles and seasonal health issues with adequate hydration, wholesome foods, gentle exercise, plenty of sleep, and rev up your dietary supplement regimen with VIVA nutraceuticals to ensure nutritional balance and supercharge your immune cells.
  2. Make your holiday gift shopping a breeze and avoid last minute hassles and crowds by designing your own special packages of VIVA products to delight your loved ones, young and older!
  3. Bring your VIVA business up into a year-end high point by renewing your membership, make profitable VIVA product purchases, and determine ahead of time that you will share your VIVA products, experience and opportunities with at least three new people you meet during the holidays.

You can accomplish all these things easily by taking advantage of this month’s promotions and see for yourself how amazingly simple it is to have a wonderful, healthy, successful winter season. VIVA’s executives, management, and employees wish all of our VIVA family around the world Merry Holidays, and Happy New Year!