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Jump Into Summer Success, VIVA Style!

Dads, Grads, summer vacations, family picnics, relaxation and lots of fun are all on the agenda for our VIVA families this June. Everywhere you go you will have people right within your circle who just may ask you how you keep up with all you do, how do you and your family stay so healthy and ageless, how do you have the time and finances to enjoy those fabulous trips? If someone is asking how you do what you do, it just may be that they need to know how to do it, too! That’s your open door to share your healthy life VIVA story and introduce them to your VIVA business…your health and lifestyle support system. Every VIVA member has their own beneficial product experience and every VIVA business builder has their own products and entrepreneur message, which can result in a genuine, person to person, relationship-building moment that changes your life and someone else’s.

Build your own VIVA health and lifestyle support system and accelerate your business by learning all you can about VIVA’s health-promoting products and Wellness Business Plan and put them to work for you. Engage with your upline and meet with VIVA high achievers to glean knowledge and gain experience. Use the information you receive from every monthly Director Update and Quarterly Newsletter, and take advantage of the amazing product promotions, so you will be motivated and ready to answer all those inquiring minds! Get started right away with this month’s offers that can help you feel young with AgeGuard®, your VIVA men can enjoy prostate health with Prostrem™, the Grads and everyone in the family can definitely use multi-nutritional, cellular health support with DailyGuard® and CellPlex™. It’s going to be a great summer for you, with VIVA!