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Looking Great and Feeling Awesome with VIVA!

As a VIVA member and entrepreneur, you have the exciting opportunity to spread your enthusiasm for VIVA products and the wellness business plan by taking advantage of the monthly promotions and introducing people to them both in unique and profitable ways. One of the most attractive ways to draw someone’s interest is to give them the opportunity to get started with VIVA products that give a noticeably rapid benefit. This month focuses on rejuvenatinghealthy, youthful looking skin on the face and the whole body, as well as supporting the body’s structure, energy, stamina and immune function from both inside and out! With VIVA Royal Jelly™ softgels and our new, delicious, collagen- building VIVA Shine™ drink mix, the work goes on internally to help rebuild the foundation of healthy skin, structural support, and renewed energy. VIVA’s TLV Repair Firming Eye Lotion works topically to revitalize the skin around the eyes, reducing puffiness and the appearance of those tiny wrinkles.This is a fabulous time of year to focus on your skin and body as we approach those summertime activities, vacations and events! Let that motivate you to boost your efforts for yourself and those you know who would enjoy looking and feeling as good as you, with VIVA Life Science!