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Make May Your Month for VIVA Magic!

It’s a beautiful time of the year as the sun brightens the days, the bees buzz about the blooms, and the fruits, herbs and fresh new plants make their magical appearances! It’s a new season of growth and potential for a rich harvest of healthy, good things like the natural ingredients found in VIVA’s unique, highly effective nutraceuticals and supplements. Ginkgo trees and tea plants sprout new leaves, bees make royal jelly and pollenate the plants that gloriously produce the roses for rosehips, and boosts bountiful blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and lemons! It is all so delicious and good for you as you get to enjoy these delights in VIVA’s products that are made to encourage your season of growth and potential as a VIVA consumer and entrepreneur. This month’s product promotions are just what you need to make your magical appearance with a healthy body and radiant skin…and take your VIVA business into a satisfying, rich harvest of financial goodness. It’s your turn to get busy as a bee and make your life and lifestyle a delicious, magical feast of dreams come true…with VIVA!