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Mid-Year Success and Wellness Goals

The first half of the year is behind us with great reports from all our VIVA countries experiencing growth and excitement with products sales and businesses flourishing. The second half is underway and it is even more important now to boost all your efforts into higher gear to achieve the goals you set at the beginning of 2013. Check your status right now and know where you are in your plans for achieving excellence in your health and VIVA business. If you’ve been working passionately and persistently to reach out and help others achieve their wellness and financial success goals with VIVA products and the VIVA Wellness Business Plan, you are already reaping abundant rewards and moving toward a bright time of recognition and honors. If you find yourself lagging behind a little, or a lot, you still have the chance to energize your success by taking advantage of the many promotions and events that will be made available to you throughout the months ahead that are especially designed to boost you into the next level to accomplish your goals. Keep in mind, during the months of June through August, our VIVA distributors have the opportunity to engage in a lot of summertime activities, events, family gatherings, vacations, etc., that will open the door to opportunities to share VIVA. You have amazing products you can trust and a business plan that abundantly pays for your efforts…that is something to boast about anywhere you go! Have a super successful and healthy summer!