Plan for Good Health

As the summer progressed, our VIVA distributors happily took vacations within the U.S. and abroad with their families, returning home with exciting stories of their adventures. Many chose to stay local and enjoy cool times at the beach, amusement parks and in their backyards with barbeques and fun with family, neighbors and friends. It is so amazing how many people we can come in contact with in just one season of the year like this! And, it makes us even more aware as school goes back into session and the holidays approach, that wherever people gather there is always the possibility of hidden colds, flus and other viruses that can be spread about, especially among the younger ones who engage in close contact play. However, you can reduce such occurrences when you plan ahead and practice healthy preventive techniques (washing hands, covering coughs, etc.) and when your bodies are well nourished and protected by VIVA supplements like Oliv-C™, IM Guard®, VIVA Shield®, BioGarlic® and C-Complex™. Don’t let down your guard…be sure you have an ample supply of these immune system protectors for yourself, your family and your customers.