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Seasonal Challenges Hitting Hard

Here in the local area of VIVA Headquarters we have already had a taste of what summer may bring with little heat waves that have temperatures topped out in the 90’s! In between those hot spells have been days of cool winds and rain as we transition from the springtime of May into the warmer season of June, which means our bodies have been subjected to numerous changes in a short period of time. Along with all that, we have had a big dose of pollen and other airborne allergens and virals spinning about in the dry and dusty areas all around us. In order to stay healthy and balanced we constantly rely on VIVA’s superior formulations to keep our immune systems charged up. We recommend that everyone be sure to have BioGarlic®, VIVA Shield® and C-Complex™ on hand as the primary supplements to help prevent free radical damage and strengthen the immune system. The phytochemical components of BioGarlic®, the antioxidants in VIVA Shield® and the extra vitamin C helps increase the activity of natural killer cells to help fight against foreign invading organisms and fight free radical damage caused by the body’s cellular battle for life. Regularly consuming these three products is beneficial to support the entire body and taking IM Guard™ during high immune-system challenges is an added guardian for your health and well-being.