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U.S. Launch of Prostremâ„¢

The time has come for our VIVA men to cheer and greet the arrival of our new prostate and urinary tract health formulation, Prostrem™. VIVA’s scientists and product development teams conduct their own research and keep on top of current published studies that could potentially contribute to the development of new VIVA products or to updating current formulas to give our members and customers the effective, cutting-edge supplements that VIVA is famous for. With the discovery of some very potent and beneficial ingredients for prostate care, it was apparent that it was time to update our previous men’s formula, Prosmett™. New Prostrem™ is now available and replaces Prosmett™ here in the U.S. With innovative ingredients in this unique formulation you can now expect even better results for maintaining a healthy prostate and urinary flow. Be sure to check the VIVA website or call customer service to find out more details and order your Prostrem™ today!