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VIVA Healthy Life First Quarter 2017

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2017 - A New Year to Build and Prosper With VIVA!

You can almost feel the exhilaration in the air as we send the old year on its way into history, and ring in a New Year with high hopes and bright expectations of great things for our VIVA family all around the world. We are encouraged and excited about the year ahead because of the rising passion and momentum of our entrepreneurs that is rolling forward right into this new first quarter. It is going to be even more rewarding to take charge of your health, your finances and your future. You will have the opportunity to build even higher on VIVA’s nutritional science foundation as new products come your way, and strengthen your business network by taking advantage of all the product and recruiting promotions to maximize your benefits in the VIVA Wellness Business Plan. Let “Build and Prosper” be your theme for the year and make a pledge to yourself, to your family, to your VIVA upline and downline…You are going to raise your level of VIVA product and business knowledge, increase your contact rate, reach out to new areas, improve your social media skills, share VIVA with someone new every day, and determine to help others do the same!

You have the entire organization of VIVA Life Science right beside you…from VIVA’s executives, entire staff and every employee…we commit to you to do our very best to support your efforts and help you achieve a happy and prosperous 2017.