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VIVA Healthy Life Second Quarter 2015

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Upgrade Your Life and Health With VIVA!

How many times have you experienced a computer crash and realized it was time for an upgrade to a newer model? When your life, health and finances experience similar crashes, youcannot upgrade to a newer body model or trade in your empty wallet for one full of cash. Wouldn’t that be fun if you could? Yet, you do have opportunities to change the circumstances that will actually help your body renew itself cell by cell, so you are getting better and better every day. You really can re-energize your finances and break through into the positive side of the balance sheet. You can do all that with VIVA’s superior, highly-effective nutritionals and business plan, as well as the valuable support you need to succeed...and they will work if you are ready to take advantage of them.

Our world is in a constant state of change that affects your life every day, positively and negatively…economically, ecologically, biologically (for example: bacterial and viral mutations), etc. What will make the biggest difference in your triumph over the negatives is taking the positive step to keep them from getting out of your control. When you upgrade your life and health with VIVA, you are taking charge and producing the change you want to see with the efforts you put forth day by day. Start enjoying more benefits of VIVA’s science-based nutraceuticals and engage in your VIVA business with revitalized enthusiasm and you will become that new body model with a whole new outlook on your future! Get started today with the great product promotions, news and information inside this newsletter designed just for you, for your wellness and success.