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VIVA Healthy Life Third Quarter 2013

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Heat Up Your Summer Success With VIVA!

Summertime holidays, vacations, and gatherings of families and friends offer some of the best times of the year to engage in activities that will also bring abundant opportunities to expand your touch on people’s lives. It is not unusual for discussions to turn to two of the most distressing issues in life today: health and financial security. People are worried about their future and what will happen to them and their families as they age, as the health care crisis escalates, and as the economic and political uncertainties unfold around them. This is where you have the amazing privilege to intervene in these conversations and give them hope.

With VIVA Life Science, there is a twofold solution to the challenge of maintaining a healthy and prosperous life in this world today. VIVA’s scientifically designed, high-quality supplements and clinically researched nutraceuticals have proven to be truly effective in renewing, rejuvenating and ustaining good health. Testimonials from every VIVA country verify their benefits and value. The VIVA Wellness Business Plan has proven to be easy to explain and perform, and the abundant rewards for your efforts bring the satisfaction and security that can ease your mind. Just ask any of our Gold Presidentials...they know it is true!

While you are enjoying this season’s adventures, remember to take VIVA with you everywhere you go and help make a difference in the lives of others, and make a difference in yours, as well. If you are one who feels uneasy about the future and are in search of a solution, then now is the time to create a better quality of life for yourself and your loved ones by joining the VIVA family. Then you can really heat up this summer with your own success and wellness.