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VIVA Healthy Life Third Quarter 2014

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Living the VIVA Life is Good!

A s we enter the third quarter of 2014, it’s the beginning of summer and that usually means happy days packed with fun, vacations, travels, playtime and leisure activities, which are some of the things that make life so good. So it makes sense to take the time right now to give yourself a VIVA life review. How good is your VIVA life? Are you feeling and looking vibrant, re-energized, more youthful? Are your aches and pains reduced and your immunity holding strong? Is your brain functioning at its optimum with clear thinking and a sharp memory? Do you have confidence in your heart and mind, knowing that your financial freedom goals are within your reach? Do you feel the excitement of starting each new day on your own terms, taking charge and making a difference in your future with VIVA? These are things that can make your VIVA life so good.

How do you get to that place where you enter this awesome zone of less stress and enjoy more of life? By being proactive and taking advantage of the amazing opportunities VIVA has ready to support you every step of the way toward your dream. Throughout the year there have been numerous opportunities to advance your goals with many special product promotions to bring you exceptional savings on VIVA’s highly effective and safe nutraceuticals and supplements. The monthly and quarterly newsletters have been filled with important information for you about how to raise your product and business IQ so success possibilities in both your health and wealth endeavors are greatly enhanced. All of VIVA’s executives, management, staff and personnel in every department from manufacturing and production to administration and customer service are fully committed to helping you reach your satisfaction zone. There is so much more available to you from VIVA that can motivate you on your way to success…all you need to do is jump in!

If your review shows that you need a boost to gain momentum toward your goals, then don’t hesitate any longer…take action now and get yourself immersed in all that VIVA offers to help you live the good VIVA life.