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VIVA Healthy Life Third Quarter 2015

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Get Ready for a Great Season of Success!

The summer months of July and August are two of the busiest for fun in the sun, vacations and lots of gatherings of friends and family at backyard barbeques and picnics on the beach! It’s a time to relax and take it easy for most people, but for our VIVA entrepreneurs it is also a great time to expand your healthy influence and attention to expanding your VIVA business in a very enjoyable way. Even when summertime begins to turn into the excitement of autumn and September comes into view, the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people anywhere you go continue to appear if you will do this one thing: Become a walking VIVA testimony of excellent health and financial confidence! People are going to take notice and want what you have to offer…because they have needs and dreams of health and financial freedom, too. This may be your season of adventure, going where you’ve never gone before, travelling and engaging with people you’ve never met. You’ll be finding amazing opportunities to share your VIVA story and bring in new friends to your VIVA business…or…

Perhaps it’s a season of frenzied activity with the kids scattering from one end of the city to the other to keep up with their sports schedules, arts and crafts, summer school, etc. Maybe you are just trying to keep up with your own busy work, study or home assignments with stress levels on overload! Even in all these situations, you can be a living example to others of the valuable effectiveness of VIVA supplements and the peaceful freedom you have to do all those things you want to do because you have a VIVA business plan that works easily with you. During this Third quarter of 2015 you can take advantage of some truly profitable promotions on products that will help you become that thriving, enthusiastic model of the VIVA Life!