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VIVA Healthy Life Third Quarter 2016

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Summertime - Your Season of Adventure with VIVA!

The year is half over…or is it half begun? It all depends on your perspective! How do you think about your time spent over the last few months? Were your activities defined by words such as “drudgery”, “can’t wait for the day to end”, “stressed out to the maximum”, “not fun at all”? Or, did you feel an excited rush of positive words and thoughts like “what a great day!”, “I did it!”, “that was so awesome!”? If you want to be among those who approach life and experience it with a passionate, positive outlook and reap the goodness of that kind of attitude…it will all depend on YOU to make the choice to move in that direction. It is just waiting for you to flip the switch and energize your entrepreneur spirit. And, if you dive into this summer season with VIVA, you will have a head start on making the other half of this year super successful and truly awesome!

Right now we are entering July through September, the third quarter of the VIVA year. It’s a time for some serious fun in the sun and enjoying the fruits of your labors…relaxing, playing, vacationing, traveling, games, picnics, beaches, mountains, rivers, backyards, front lawns, parks, cruising in cars and ships, planes and trains, and so much more. So many opportunities to break out of the usual routine and take advantage of new venues and events to impact other people with your healthy VIVA life example and confidence. Go ahead! You can do it! Just take a look at the promotions, product and business information in the next few pages, and you will see that you have the power of the whole VIVA team on your side! It’s going to be a grand adventure this summer…You and VIVA together!