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We wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! February 19th is the day that starts the year of the Goat and since goats like to be in groups, our whole VIVA family should be enjoying a very auspicious year for building prosperous relationships both in personal and business aspects. Your wellness and success is not just the written mission statement of VIVA Life Science…it is the sincerest desire of every VIVA executive, manager, staff and employee to see your dreams come true. That is why VIVA products are made and handled with extreme care from their formulation in scientific development and throughout the manufacturing process so you can receive the benefits of high quality nutraceuticals to boost your health and your business.

Wherever you are celebrating this month, and wherever you are gathering with others, be sure to give your immune system the extra protection it needs during the wintery, cold and flu season. Always stay well hydrated and wash your hands often…and keep your body fortified with VIVA’s immune supporting products that are on special promotion during February. Take a look inside and see the amazing benefits for your health and prosperity that are available to you from YES Pak™, IM Guard®, Oliv-C™ and BioGarlic®. It’s all for You, your family, and your VIVA life.