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July Promotions

(July 1st through July 31st 2019)





Y.E.S. Pak™ - (60 packets)

Buy 4 YES-Pak™ at $250.00 and get 150 BV!

High-efficiency, powerful body systems support

  • 4 VIVA nutraceutical supplements in one convenient package
  • Unique combination of vital nutrients, immune cell support, and premium, green food-sourced phyto-nutritionals
  • Convenient, portable, easy-to take packets




VIVA Omega-3™ - (90 softgels)

Buy 6 bottles and get 1 bottle FREE

Concentrated marine lipids - essential fatty acids

  • High EPA and DHA support healthy brain function
  • Promotes normal cardiovascular health
  • Helps regulate oxidative stress
  • Supports normal inflammatory response




BioGarlic® - (90 capsules)

Buy 6 bottles and get 1 bottle FREE

Uniquely bioavailable and enhanced garlic powder

  • Ongoing research studies continue to reveal garlic’s powerful effects in the body.
  • Laboratory tested to ensure delivery of the important active ingredient allicin
  • This proprietary formulation contains vitamins A, B1, C, amino acids, minerals, bioflavonoids, and sulfur compounds, as well as added capsicum and rutin to provide supportive absorption, antioxidant and prebiotic properties.



3rd Quarter Promotion

(July 1st through September 30th 2019)


SelGuard® - (200mcg/60 tablets)

Buy 4 bottles and get 1 bottle FREE

Super selenium yeast nutraceutical

  • Selenium yeast increases antioxidant activity in the blood and inhibits specific enzymes associated with aging
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress and supports a healthy liver and brain
  • Selenium is an important mineral for maintaining a healthy immune system




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