VIVA Healthy Life Fourth Quarter 2021

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What’s In Your Year-End Victory Plan?

Very quickly, the last three months of 2021 will be over and the big questions you will be asking are: “Did I make it to the top of my health and business intentions and will I be enjoying the rewards of my commitment to excellence and hard work to achieve my high goals?” If you can answer “Yes, I did it!”, then you are to be enthusiastically congratulated by every VIVA member and the entire VIVA company. It takes real effort and persistence to keep on track to reach your dreams…they just don’t happen by accident. It is especially commendable to accomplish such a feat amidst the global challenges of this most unusual year. In fact, it is quite possible that it may have been very hard for many of our entrepreneurs to get a good start on business efforts and find themselves a bit short of their year-end goals. If this is you, then don’t even think about giving up!! Get energized in your mind and make a Year-End Victory Plan…put your body into motion, grab hold of all the opportunities you have with VIVA to ramp up your business for this last quarter and make an all-out dash for success.

You have important gatherings coming up and so many ways to communicate and share VIVA, as well as the support of your worldwide VIVA staff and fellow members. In that support is also a wish from everyone at VIVA headquarters for peace and prosperity for all our VIVA family, whatever holidays you celebrate, wherever you are, we are thinking of you and continue to work for You.