BioFruity™ is AMAZING!!

BioFruity™ is AMAZING!

BioFruity™ is one of the most delicious formulas ever created by VIVA’s clever scientists. You can now enhance your nutritional balance with the body-boosting power of BioFruity™. Replenish your internal stores of energy and recover from the stressful conditions of life such as overwork, exercise, and other mental and physical exertions that restrict blood and oxygen flow. Each sip replenishes specific nutrients that help normalize body functions and energy reserves. You can efficiently hydrate and prevent depletion of vital energy in the cells by just enjoying a daily glass of refreshing BioFruity™.

Featured Ingredients and Benefits:
One delicious glass of BioFruity™ contains only 30 calories and supplies your cells with the following ingredient benefits:

Water-soluble Vitamins
Vitamin C – Frontline antioxidant for fighting free radicals and reducing oxidative stress

B Vitamins – Boost energy and reduce stress

Super Antioxidants
Pomegranate Juice - Research shows that pomegranate juice increases antioxidant enzyme activity, promotes heart health, improves blood flow, inhibits inflammatory activity, and has anti-infection capabilities.

Grape Seed Extract and Vitus Vinefera (Grape Skin Extract) - These potent, highly researched plant flavonoids are powerhouse antioxidants for preventing both water- and fat-soluble free radical cell damage, as well as supporting collagen structures and preventing collagen destruction for healthy, youthful skin.

Green Tea Extract (decaffeinated) - Studies have shown that green tea polyphenols are potent antioxidant compounds that have demonstrated their ability to increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes, inhibit the formation of dangerous nitrosamine and effectively detoxify the body and possesses significant antiviral activity.

Energy Nutrition
Ribose (D-Ribose) - Studies clearly indicate that ribose can increase energy with its ability to help make ATP (adenosine triphosphate), your body’s energy source, promote cardiac efficiency, strength and function, support increased energy regeneration in your cells, promote exercise recovery and relieve muscle soreness, as well as provide antioxidant protection.



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BioFruity™ is not only a nutritious and delicious drink mix, it is also a great ingredient for making common recipes uncommonly healthy! Give your taste buds a treat! Get BioFruity™ today and try the following recipes with your family and friends.