Cleansing Tea That Is Beneficial For Your Health And Tastes Good Too

VIVA Cleanse Tea

By Nicole Ely,
Senior Nutritionist / Nutritional Project Manager

Drinking tea has become a tradition amongst families. Whether you are sipping a cup of tea with your friends in the afternoon or drinking tea with breakfast or dinner, this has become quite a routine for many people. How about a tea that is beneficial for your health and tastes good too? This product is known as VIVA Cleanse Tea™, which contains a combination of herbs that naturally cleanse the body of toxins, aids in digestion and may help normalize stubborn bowel function.

VIVA Cleanse Tea™ contains a mixture of seven herbs, buckthorn, peppermint, dandelion, uva ursi, red raspberry, orange peel, and licorice. Buckthorn is the most active herb that helps with irregularity. Peppermint and Dandelion have been shown to soothe discomforts of the GI tract, and enhance kidney, gallbladder and liver function. Uva ursi and Red Raspberry provide nutritional support for the bladder and kidneys and releases toxins from the blood. Orange Peel is used as a digestive aid and Licorice has been shown in research to be helpful for inflammatory urinary tract conditions.

As you see, the herbs in VIVA Cleanse Tea™ have a specific function and purpose in the body. Drinking this excellent tea formula often, can give you confidence that you are doing something very good for your health.

Remember: Cleanse your body the natural way with VIVA Cleanse Tea™!