DailyGuard Product Testimonials

"I'm 52, a vegan/vegetarian, and a cervical cancer survivor. Since I know the value of fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet, and since I can't always count on getting everything in the way of nutrients that I need from my diet, I take VIVA DailyGuard 3 times a day, every day. DailyGuard is my 'lifeguard' in that it makes up for any nutritional deficiencies I might have in my diet. It gives me the added protection of keeping my immune system and heart strong and healthy, doing battle daily to keep me at optimal wellness and just feeling good!"
Tiffany T., San Jose, CA

"I have studied the effects of taking the high quality, scientifically designed, multivitamin/multimineral supplement DailyGuard. Research suggests that taking this quality nutritional supplement can help promote healthy, normal cholesterol levels. We also know that these vitamins and minerals can help support a healthy immune system."
Dr. N. Charle Morcos, M.D., Ph.D., Irvine, CA
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