Executive Team

David Fan

President and CEO

David Fan is the visionary behind VIVA Life Science. He has merged his scientific and business expertise to create a thriving nutritional health care company. His dedication to building the company on a platform of science to create highly effective nutritional supplements sets VIVA Life Science apart from the competition and positions it to remain a leader in the field of nutrition for years to come.

Cheryl Cartwright

V.P. Regulatory and Business Affairs

Cheryl Cartwright has been with VIVA and its parent company, Westar Nutrition, for over 10 years and has been involved with the natural products industry for over 18 years. Her vast range of duties includes being a regulatory affairs liaison and public representative, coordinating clinical research communications, supporting operations and manufacturing, and overseeing quality management, among others. Cheryl's active involvement in many different areas gives her a unique perspective and understanding of the company and the people involved in its continuing success. [email protected]

Joe Ramos

Director of Production

Joe Ramos has been an integral part of the VIVA team for over 9 years and oversees warehousing, production, packaging, and equipment and facility maintenance. In order to meet VIVA's strict quality standards, he develops Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all equipment and supervises the use of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) to carefully monitor each step of production. Joe ensures that VIVA's high product quality is consistent and meets all specifications.

May Chen

V.P. Sales & Business Development