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"I have a full time job and a very active 2 year old son. My son is heavy when I lift him so normally my wrist hurts from this action and from typing at work. Due to work needs and taking care of an active toddler, I do not get regular exercise so I also have back pain and joint pain all the time. However, I found out my pain went away after I took Flexiguard . Flexiguard contains glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin sulfate, cartilage and various herbs which are a natural way to decrease inflammation and rebuild the collagen. Besides taking Flexiguard everyday, I also take Dailyguard, Cal-Mag & D Plus and VIVA Omega-3 to prevent disease and osteoporosis. Why do I choose VIVA products? That's because I trust VIVA, I believe VIVA chooses the best ingredients and makes an effective formulation. VIVA works for me, I believe VIVA can work for you, too."

R.W., R.S.M., CA

"I see a number of patients with joint complaints in my practice on a daily basis. FlexiGuard is a special product like no other I have seen. For the past six months I have used FlexiGuard with my most troublesome cases, and 95% of these patients have experienced exceptional relief and improved function in just eight weeks. One patient in particular who once needed bilateral knee replacement surgery has now cancelled that surgery because of FlexiGuard."

Dr. Scott M., Winona, MN

"Last season when I was playing Minor League Baseball, I was experiencing a lot of joint pain in my elbow. I also injured my hand by being hit, which was very painful. I started taking FlexiGuard, and it helped me recover much faster from my injuries. Now I don't have any pain at all in my joints, and my hand is completely healed. Since I'm still very active during the off-season by working out 5-6 hours a day, I now continue to take FlexiGuard to help prevent any further injury."

Jason L., Burlington, IA

"I had surgery and my legs weren't working very well. I did not want to always walk with a cane, so I started taking FlexiGuard. After just two weeks my knees have improved a lot. They are working so well I feel as if I can run! I am able to walk in the park for a half-hour and I can now play with my grandchildren again. What a difference FlexiGuard has made in my life!

Joe P., Winona, MN

"VIVA's FlexiGuard is an amazing product! I had an accident last year and suffered a broken arm and knee. Because I am 80 years old and a diabetic, I think the doctors were worried about how fast I would heal. They operated on my knee, but they put my arm in a sling to heal. The doctors said I might be better in about 10 weeks. My sister gave me FlexiGuard and I took four tablets every day. Six weeks after the accident, the doctor x-rayed me to check on how I was healing. Incredibly, all of the breaks were healed. The doctors and therapists were amazed."

Kathryn W., Lubbock, TX

"FlexiGuard has really changed my life. Before I started taking FlexiGuard my knee was swollen and painful, and I had mild neck pain. I was miserable. I couldn't walk or even ride a stationary bike, but I wanted to avoid knee replacement surgery. Now after taking FlexiGuard I feel great. I am able to walk around the block without pain and I can ride a stationary bike again! My neck even feels better."

Geraldine H., Winona, MN
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