FloraGuard Product Testimonials

Dear VIVA,

I am very appreciative of your probiotic product – FloraGuard. For years, I had problems with gingivitis and my gums were inflamed with bleeding, ulcerations, pain, etc. I had tried every recommendation that traditional and wholistic dentists made, but nothing helped.

One day I was thinking of how FloraGuard had helped with my intestinal issues and that the mouth is part of the G.I. tract. I thought that if bacteria and/or yeast is part of the cause of gingivitis, perhaps probiotics would help in the mouth also. Before bedtime, I applied a little of the FloraGuard all around my gums and teeth (using my finger). I left it overnight in my mouth as I slept. To my amazement, in the morning, my gums were almost entirely normal and pain-free all throughout my mouth. A few more applications healed my gums thoroughly

Now if inflammation begins again, I have been able to apply FloraGuard for a few nights until the gums clear up. Thank you so much for this product.

Nancy Johnson, Mesa, Arizona
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