Get up and Get Moving!!

Get Up and Get Moving

We all have heard about the necessity of exercising everyday or at least 3-4 days a week. How do we incorporate exercise into our busy lifestyle? The answer is that you have to find an activity that you will enjoy first. It could be walking, running, bike riding, yoga, swimming or dancing, to name a few. If you cannot see yourself going to an aerobics class several times a week, then do not even attempt to start this, but picture yourself doing something you could have fun with and that easily works into your lifestyle.

Walking is considered one of the best exercises for the joints and muscles. It is a non-strenuous activity and is easy to implement in your daily lifestyle around work and even if you take care of family and children. Think about this! If you walk just 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon, you have walked for a half an hour for the day and doctors recommend exercising at least 30 minutes daily, plus it is nice to get outside and smell the fresh air. Exercise gets your body moving and helps improve your circulation. Improvement in your blood circulation makes you feel more energized and refreshed. If you plan to exercise in the morning, this can help boost your metabolism and calorie burning efficiency all day long. If you exercise in the late afternoon, it can actually help you eat less for dinner. Whatever activity you enjoy doing, try to work it into your day. You will gain benefits that you never thought you could dream of. Exercise improves the quality of your life; helps manage weight better, reduces stress, and enhances your mood.

Did you say, “I do not have any energy to exercise”? Then the answer is VIVA supplements, which may help increase your energy levels to get out the door. The VIVA supplements that may help are B-Energized™, BioFruity™ and YES-Pak™. B-Energized is a B vitamin complex containing B-vitamins and three different forms of ginseng to give you that natural boost in energy and may help to enhance physical endurance. BioFruity is a nutritious beverage for a healthy dose of energy and antioxidant power. The YES-Pak is our complete vitamin/mineral supplement containing all of the B vitamins, antioxidant vitamins, trace minerals and phytonutrients in one convenient packet. Anyone who exercises can benefit from the YES-Pak. For more intense aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, or bike riding, the YES-Pak, or one of our other vitamin/mineral supplements, is suggested to help fight against the additional free radicals produced during this type of intensity. Whichever VIVA products you choose to use for extra energy, you will find after taking these products consistently for a while that recovery after exercise is a lot smoother and you do not feel as fatigued.

So, remember, “Get Up and Get Moving” to make a positive change in your life and, if you need that additional boost, try one of the VIVA supplements for enhancing your energy levels.


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