GlucoGuard Product Testimonials

"My son Jordan was diagnosed with Type I (juvenile) Diabetes. When we brought him home from the hospital his blood sugars were very unstable. We put him on GlucoGuard with some VIVA Green Barley and his blood sugars stabilized. Since he started on that regimen, he has reduced his insulin dosage 11 times! Now the GlucoGuard helps keep his blood sugars very stable, and he only takes a small amount of insulin every day!"

Kelli M. for Jordan M., age 7, Ottumwa, IA

"I started taking GlucoGuard early this year as part of a weight loss program. I had heard that if I wanted to lose weight, GlucoGuard would be helpful for my metabolism. I started taking it and I couldn't believe the difference! I noticed I wasn't hungry between meals and I could go a lot longer without wanting to eat. I take two a day and am amazed at how it has stabilized my blood sugars!"

Kelli M., Ottumwa, IA

"My family has a history of diabetes. My fasting blood glucose went from 86 mg/dL to 120 mg/dL in a year and a half which is indicative of 'impaired fasting glucose' that could be a warning for the development of Type II Diabetes. I began taking 2 tablets a day of VIVA GlucoGuard. According to my blood test 6 weeks later, my fasting blood glucose was 82 mg/dL which is a significant drop (32% reduction). I am become a firm believer in VIVA's products."

Joann W.

"I have been having problems with my blood sugar for about six years. I didn't want to start on insulin but my blood sugars were going up. My blood glucose was in the mid 300's when I started taking GlucoGuard. Now my blood sugar has dropped about 100 points and I still haven't started on insulin yet."

Janice S., Green Valley, AZ