More to this fabulous anti-aging formula than just HGH nutrition!


More to this fabulous anti-aging formula than just HGH nutrition!

Hysically reversing the clock in your body systems is actually a very complex process that begins at the cellular level.

AgeGuard® is uniquely formulated to help jumpstart your internal journey back to a more youthful state. Its balanced stack of amino acids helps deliver the precursor building blocks of nutrition your body needs to produce its own Human Growth Hormone, and every capsule is packed with a powerful blend of plants and herbs to help rejuvenate your body functions so you really feel younger and healthier!

In addition to the benefits derived from amino acids, here are 5 ingredients and some of their benefits that set

AgeGuard® apart from other formulas in the market:

Tribulus terrestris - saponins in this plant have a dilating action that helps improve circulation and enhance physical performance, which can be beneficial for both men and women.

Dandelion root - helps reduce cellular water retention and congestion in the liver and gall bladder, and contains inulin, which may have a supporting effect on the immune system Licorice root - has characteristics that offer benefits to the entire body, including counteracting stress, detoxifying the liver, soothing the stomach, purifying the blood, and reducing capillary permeability.

Milk thistle - contains constituents like sylymarin, which protect the liver from chemical damage and helps the body cope with daily air – water, and food-borne toxins

Saw palmetto - strengthens and tones the body’s reproductive organs in both men and women and improves bladder muscle function

Here’s more good news for your anti-aging program:
Unlike some HGH and anti-aging formulas,

AgeGuard® contains no animal products or by-products (like glandulars and organ parts), or synthetic hormones.

A preliminary pilot study showed that AgeGuard® may significantly stimulate HGH factors and increase insulin release for improved blood glucose metabolism and energy production.

Get AgeGuard® today and start turning back the clock on your body!