Nutritional Science

Why should I take supplements?

The right supplements can help protect, preserve and rejuvenate your health. But choose your supplements wisely because not all supplements are alike, nor are they all safe and effective.

Why should I choose VIVA products?

No other company has VIVA's foundation of science with patented formulations and technologies, the confirmation of product benefits through clinical research, and the recognition of scientific achievements in peer-reviewed journal publications.

Does the FDA approve of VIVA products?

The FDA does not approve any dietary supplement for any purpose. However, the FDA does review nutritional products for safety and effectiveness when considering possible health claims. In a recent report by the FDA on a review of studies researching the effect of fish oil on cardiovascular health, the FDA included the study on LipoGuard by Dr. N. Charle Morcos, M.D., Ph.D. This report showed that not all fish oils are the same, nor are they all effective. LipoGuard was the only product out of 24 studies reviewed that showed beneficial results in lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol. The others showed either no significant change or raised LDL.

How do I know VIVA products are safe and non-toxic?

All ingredients in VIVA products are chosen specifically for their history of safety in dietary supplement and pharmaceutical formulations. Our ingredients and products are tested under pharmaceutical standards to ensure identity, potency and purity. Independent toxicological studies have verified the safety of many of our products as well.