R & D Labs

R & D Labs

Eight state-of-the-art laboratories ensure product integrity and optimum Quality Control.

Analytical Lab

Tests the nutrient content of every batch of every raw material and finished product manufactured at VIVA

Biochemistry Lab

Creates and tests new techniques in product delivery systems (i.e. the unique delivery of the active ingredient allicin from VIVA's BioGarlic directly to the body's digestive system)

Biotechnology Lab

Develops unique ingredients with very special proprietary processes that no other company has, including the non-toxic forms of selenium and chromium

Clinical Research Lab

Studies VIVA's proprietary ingredients and patented products in vitro on different cell lines using MTT assay to assess their efficacy and safety

Microbiological Lab

Tests all raw materials and finished products for moisture levels, contaminants, and potency validation of friendly bacteria in our probiotic formulas

Plant Science & Breeding Lab

Selects and breeds plants such as green barley and garlic, conducts bioengineering of organic plants for research, and optimizes active ingredient concentration in plants

R&D Lab

Designs and formulates new products as well as monitors current projects and products

Skin Care Lab

Develops skin care products