Say Good-Bye to Middle Age Overweight

Say Good-Bye to Middle Age Overweight


Does everyone who reaches middle age put on weight? From the physiological point of view, one of the phenomena of aging is slowing down of the metabolism and endocrine function. Then, we decrease our activities, while maintaining the same appetite as when we were young, which causes our calorie intake to exceed calorie output. The extra calories are transformed into fat and stored in the body. This accumulation over time makes you gain weight without realizing it.

Middle–aged obesity is a serious issue

Middle-aged obesity can happen to both men and women. Fat tends to pile up in the central abdomen area, creating that “beer belly” appearance. This excessive abdominal fat can easily lead to high triglycerides, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, cancers, etc. Moreover, excessive abdominal fat can also be found in people who are of normal weight. The higher the body fat ratio, the higher the risk of potential health problems. Therefore, it is important to reduce fat accumulation during middle age or menopause age.

Decrease appetite + Increase activity + FiberCleanse™

Everyone has different appetites and activity levels and the best way to start losing weight is to pay attention to both appetite and activity. Eating less and moving more at the same time can efficiently help you lose weight. Avoid over-processed food and choose the lighter cooking way, such as steaming or water boiling, and try more salads, which will help reduce fat intake. Eat more fruits and vegetables, which are rich in fiber, to give you a sensation of fullness. Research shows that 10 grams of dietary fiber a day can reduce 15% of calorie intake daily. Supplementing with psyllium husks (Fiber Cleanse™) not only helps you control your diet, but also helps support a healthy cardiovascular system by reducing cholesterol.

Herbal VIVA Cleanse Tea™ to clean out the fats

Many hard-working mothers feel guilty about throwing away leftover food, so they will finish them off by throwing it all into their own stomach. Instead, eliminate this habit and relax yourself with a cup of VIVA Cleanse Tea™ after dinner. This great herbal cleanse tea tastes delicious and can help increase bowel movements and improve metabolism to support an efficient digestive system.

Fat burning nutrients help remove belly fat

The real weight loss secret is to get rid of fat. Exercise is essential for this task and making it a priority, even for busy working people, is an absolute necessity. Besides exercise, taking specific supplements can help promote metabolism. Studies show that a combination of certain nutrients including guarana, green tea, citrus aurantium, etc., helps the body burn fat. Another reason for weight gain during middle age is related to hormonal changes. Therefore, supplementing amino acids, such as in AgeGuard®, can help the natural release of growth hormone and regulate the endocrine system, as well as increase muscle and suppress fat synthesis. Furthermore, VIVA Omega-3™ and BioLecithin® can also help metabolize fat and decrease the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

People who reach middle age should pay particular attention to their body weight and body fat. Proper weight loss can make you look and feel younger and healthier, and perhaps prevent some chronic diseases. Get relief from the middle-age health crisis and say good-bye to overweight!

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