May Lin

"Eight years ago my three kids, my husband and I were squeezed into a small apartment. I had to work very hard to support my family. As a hairdresser for 10 years, I sacrificed my health and worked long hours in order to get by. After discovering the VIVA business, I now have my health back and own a big house along with my dream car, a Mercedes Benz S430. The secret? Simply sharing VIVA's premium products that everyone loves. I want to tell everyone, 'If I can do it, you can do it too. Just start right now!"

Drs. Frank & Shirley Yow

We have been associated with VIVA for more than 8 years. Through constant sharing, teamwork and commitment to the products, we were able to reach the top rank of Gold Presidential in a short period of time. VIVA's unique nutritional supplements have improved the health of everyone in our family, and VIVA's generous marketing plan helped us achieve our goals of early retirement and financial independence. The VIVA business has enabled us to enjoy a healthy, wealthy and tremendously free lifestyle. We truly believe that VIVA is a ground floor opportunity that starts on solid ground. Thus if you have the burning desire to be successful, you can achieve your dreams at VIVA as well. We welcome you to join us.