To Be Immune or Not To Be Immune – That is the question?

To Be Immune or Not To Be Immune –
That is the question?

By Nicole Ely,
Senior Nutritionist / Nutritional Project Manager

The correct answer, of course, is a strong immunity, which is a key to good health. It is imperative that the body remains in a healthy state to always have a strong immune system to fight against the viruses and bacteria that cause illness. To achieve and maintain an optimum level of health, VIVA products offer significant support to help build the body’s natural defenses. Our YES-Pak™ product is a combination of antioxidant vitamins, B vitamins, minerals, enzymes, green foods, herbs, and an array of phytonutrients. Taken daily, this foundational product not only provides the body with the basic nutritional support it requires, but our research has also shown that YES-Pak™ fights against free radicals (oxidants) and helps the immune system by building a stronger defense function. We have been told by several consumers who are taking the YES-Pak™, that they have noticed an increase in energy levels and they do not get the frequent colds and flu like they used to. These positive responses demonstrate the immune supporting benefits of the YES-Pak™.