VIVA Ginkgo Biloba™ and LiQuick Ginkgo™ – Not Just a Brain Booster

VIVA Ginkgo Biloba™ LiQuick Ginkgo™

– Not Just a Brain Booster


The standardized extract of the ginkgo leaf has become one of the most widely used phytomedicines in the world. Its various applications for wellness have been extensively researched over the last century and current studies are giving this herb considerable room for thought. Although a few controversial studies reported that ginkgo offered insignificant benefits for improving cognitive and memory functions, many more studies and reports sufficiently refute these findings and support ginkgo’s positive aspects in brain function and other specialized activities. These well-documented actions are achieved through the various constituents of the herb, such as flavonoids and bioflavonoids from bilabolids, ginkgolides, terpene lactones, flavone glycosides and proanthocyanadins (antioxidant based compounds that also control certain protein dependent cell communications).


Some of ginkgo biloba’s activities:

• Stimulation of peripheral circulation

• Vasodilation of blood vessels to help increase blood supply

• Reduce blood viscosity

• Modify neurotransmitter systems

• Reduce density of oxygen free radicals

• Decrease expression of certain cell receptors


Research is showing that these mechanisms of action for ginkgo biloba may contribute to the following:

• Support cardiovascular health

• Enhance certain neuropsychological and memory processes

• Improve mental wellness and mood

• Improve sleep efficiency

• Act as an anti-stress buffer

• Promote energy to reduce fatigue

• Support respiratory/bronchial function

• Balance reproductive and sexual function

• Stabilize cellular membrane activity

• Relax smooth muscle tissue

• Improve visual-occular vessel reflex


Ginkgo’s safety has also been studied and verified in recent years and additional research is continuing to verify the value of ginkgo and revealing many new uses for this popular plant. As with all supplements, and especially with such an efficient blood-moving herb as ginkgo, it is always wise to consult your health professional before supplementing if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any prescription medications or are under medical care for any existing medical condition.

VIVA Ginkgo Biloba™ and LiQuick Ginkgo™ is a thoroughly tested, standardized extract with a guaranteed minimum of 24% ginkgo flavone glycosides produced from a 50:1 extract of the leaf to provide the active constituents you need to get the results you really want.