Vitamin C And Iron Drink Mix That Builds Healthy Red Blood Cells

Introducing HemoBerry™ Vitamin C + Iron Drink Mix - There’s Power in the Blood


HemoBerry™ is VIVA’s newest powdered drink supplement scientifically designed by VIVA’s nutraceutical experts for building healthy red blood cells.

So, what exactly is blood, and why do you need HemoBerry™ ?

Did you know that the blood is actually considered an organ, like your lungs, liver and kidneys?

It is a group of various tissues that work as one system to accomplish specific tasks in the body.

Blood is made up of several complex elements that perform their own tasks and utilize numerous other nutrient and cellular fluid constituents to accomplish their purpose:

Plasma – Platelets – White blood cells – Red blood cells

Blood performs three specific functions in the body:

• Transportation of gases, nutrients, waste and chemical messengers

• Protects the body by controlling bleeding, allergens and errant cells, fight infections and repel invaders

• Balance temperature, pH (involving enzymes and oxygen) and hydration for keeping the body systems in homeostasis, within their vital parameters

Did you know that every red blood cell in your body is replaced every 120 days and that your body produces red blood cells at a phenomenal rate of approximately 2.5 million new cells per second, which is, incredibly, 200 billion new cells every single day?

The quality of your blood will change for the better or for the worse depending on the quality of nutritional building blocks you give it every day. The ability to perform its specific functions relies on the proper vitamins and minerals being made available in the foods you eat. If you are not getting them from the diet…then you definitely need to supplement, and that is why you need HemoBerry™ .

What does HemoBerry™ contain?

HemoBerry™ contains a balanced formula of blood-building nutrition including:

Natural Iron (ferrous lactate) for optimum production of hemoglobin cofactors

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to optimize iron absorption

B Vitamins (B6, B12), folate (natural form of folic acid) and pantothenic acid for enzymatic activity, proper iron utilization and formation of red blood cells

Natural Fruit powders, extracts and natural flavors (cranberry, rosehips, acerola, beetroot, blueberry, blackberry and lemon) for delicious taste, natural color and added antioxidant power

Who can take HemoBerry™ ?

HemoBerry™ is a perfect supplement for adults who need additional blood building support, especially women who menstruate and need to replenish iron reserves, and growing adolescents who need the nutritional factors necessary for red blood cell conversion of energy.

Get HemoBerry™ to bring more life to your life-giving red blood cells…TODAY!

A note of caution: Men and menopausal women may not need extra iron, and the RDI for iron in children is much lower than adults, so check with your physician for their suggestion regarding iron supplementation. Be sure to keep all iron containing supplements out of the reach of children to avoid accidental overdose.


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